Riding on Trails

Great North Woods Riders ATV trails are closed for the season effective 9/30.

Riding on Trails

Great North Woods Riders ATV trails are usually open from the Friday of Memorial Day weekend through ½ hour after sunset on September 30th.  Snow and road conditions play a factor on whether the landowner allows us to open the trails on their land.    KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!!!!

Daily riding hours are from ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset.

Eye protection is required unless seated behind a windshield or screen that covers the eyes.    Helmets are recommended.    Under 18 must have a helmet and eye protection.

Rear-facing mirror is needed on all OHRV’s.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the trail system.

Riders age 12 -18 (who do not have a valid driver’s license) MUST be accompanied by a licensed adult over 25 years of age at all times and possess an OHRV Safety Certificate.  

CARRY-IN CARRY-OUT -   All items that you carry with you onto the trail system must be carried out with you.  

STAY ON TRAILS.      Off-trail riding is not allowed in Pittsburg without landowner's permission.  ALL of Route 3 North starting at Murphy Dam is off limits to all ATV’s.    Please pay attention to signage and maps that show where you can and can’t ride.     If a trail, road, or area is NOT marked or signed for ATV’s, it is CLOSED to all ATV riding.   Seeing tire marks DOES NOT mean it is open to ATV’s.    Respect the signs and laws so no trail(s) gets closed.



Report any problems to the GNWR club at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All motorized vehicles with less than 3 wheels are prohibited on the trail system.

Modified exhaust systems, as well as exhausts without spark arresters, are prohibited.


Are you an OHRV rider that utilizes trails across the State of New Hampshire?  If so, you might want to sign up for the new emailed OHRV Trail Notices.  When local clubs across the state notify us of trail closures, re-routes, or heavy traffic due to events, we’ll send you an email letting you know. Prevent arriving at a destination to find out its closed - sign up today!